High Adventure Roleplaying from Iron Crown Enterprises

Are you tired of restricting rules and boring combat? Tired of characters that are tied to a rigid caste or alignment system? Are you ready for some action, excitement and adventure?! Then you're ready for High Adventure Role Playing!

HARP brings you the flexibility, simplicity, and drama you crave in a quick and easy 192 pages. HARP has everything you love about fantasy roleplaying: flexible character creation, exciting combat, critical hits, and magic. Fast and fun, HARP will have your friends up and running with new characters and everything they need to play in about an hour. Even better, HARP and Rolemaster are highly compatible; so new and experienced players can sit down together at the gaming table on a level field.

HARP will cure your Adventuring blahs with these great features:

Fast, Exciting Character Creation Free HARP Character Generation Software/Spreadsheets Combat that leaves you breathless. Everything you need to play in one book Full Website Support located at HARPHQ

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