GURPS is a general-purpose role-playing game published by Steve Jackson Games. The name is an acronym for "Generic Universal Role Playing System".

GURPS Lite is a free PDF version that you can download and try before you buy.

The system is notable for the great profusion of world-books that have been published for it, supporting RPGs in a wide variety of fantasy, historical, and science fiction settings, as well as different genres of contemporary RPG (mysteries, conspiracy theory thrillers, etc.).

GURPS is currently in its Fourth Edition, which has been in print since 2004. Many Third Edition sourcebooks have never been updated to the current ruleset. Where no updated sourcebook exists, players can convert Third Edition statistics with the help of the GURPS Update conversion guide. Some sourcebooks are easier to convert than others, though. For the more challenging ones, players may need to get help on the Steve Jackson Games GURPS Forum.


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