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Not to be confused with the similary named, UK-based Games Workshop.

Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) was a company that published many popular wargames, as well as role-playing games such as Traveller. Founded in June 22, 1973, the company disbanded February 29, 1996 after having suffered financial troubles for quite some time. Many of their games are now carried by other publishers.

The company was originally established June 22, 1973 by Frank Chadwick, Rich Banner, Marc Miller, and Loren Wiseman. Originally their main effort went into The Europa Series of monster wargames, of which Drang Nach Osten was merely the first, but they brought out a considerable number over the years.

By rough count, GDW published one new product every 22 days for 22 years. The designers attributed the company's demise as much to burn-out as to financial difficulties.(Quoted from Boardgame Geek)


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