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Third World War: Battle for Germany Third World War: Southern Front Third World War: Arctic Front Third World War: Persian Gulf

Third World War (subtitled Battle for Germany) is a Game Designers Workshop, now out of print, board wargame of a hypothetical struggle for central Europe by the forces of NATO and the Warsaw Pact in the mid 1980s.

The divisions and independent regiments and brigades of fifteen nations battle in multi-impulse turns that feature NATO reserve movement and Pact echeloning. Air units represent groups of 100 aircraft of a specific type, each rated for air superiority, close support and strike capability.

The maps, scaled at 45 kilometers per hex, cover all of Germany and the surrounding area from Denmark to Yugoslavia and Italy, from France to Poland.

Games in the Third World War series, featuring constant scale and mateable maps, include Scandinavia (Arctic Front), the Balkans (Southern Front), and the Persian Gulf (Persian Gulf: Battle for the Middle East). All four games can be joined together to play the mother of all wars ranging from the Arctic Circle to the Arabian Gulf.

(Taken from Board Game Geek)


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