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Europa is a series of board wargames, intended to cover the entire European theater of WWII. It originated with GDW (Game Designer's Workshop) around 1970, and is still in production by HMS-GRD (Historical Military Simulations-Game Research/Design). It is known for its core rules for ground warfare, intense research into OBs and geography, and massive maps, earning it a reputation as a 'monster game.' Complexity has crept into the system, as later releases update the system. Titles include "Drang nach Osten" (later revamped as "Fire in the East"), "Unentschieden" (re-done as "Scorched Earth")-- both covering the Eastern Front; "Second Front" (the western European campaigns, 1943-45); "Fall of France" (1940); "Narvik" (updated as "Storm over Scandinavia"); "Marita-Merkur" (updated as "Balkan Front"); "'Western Desert,""The Near East" and "Torch" (together updated as "War in the Desert"); "Their Finest Hour;" and "Spain and Portugal" (covering hypothetical campaigns there). Spinoffs by GRD include "For whom the bell tolls" covering the Spanish Civil War; the Glory series, covering the Pacific War, and the Great War series, covering WWI.,

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