A futuristic sports game.

DreadBall is the most popular sport ever devised, and the revenues it generates are vast. Corporations fall over each other to sponsor new teams and ever more splendid new arenas, knowing that their investments will return many times over. Teams pay huge sums for new players, hiring exotic aliens and even former enemies to liven the spectacle and amuse the fans. Few people had ever seen a Forge Father or Veer-myn before they ran out onto a DreadBall pitch, except in the post combat footage on the news; and even if they are what Sportline 888’s reporter called “the mercenary dregs of their societies�, they are still real, live aliens. At least, that is one interpretation. Robots, mind-controlled prisoners, and vat-grown clones have all been suggested by those who fail to understand that everyone, even aliens, have their price. Money drives the telling of history too. But let us ignore the (allegedly) crackpot conspiracy theories and rival claimants for a moment and hear what the DreadBall Governing Body have to say. They are, after all, the most important organisation in DreadBall by a long way. Perhaps the following tale from their “What is DreadBall?� vidcast will explain at least the official line…

The modern game is a slick and massively promoted spectacle that is instantly familiar to the many citizens of the Corporation’s Co-Prosperity Sphere. It has grown from nothing to be the most popular sport on the net, and looks like being so for many years to come.

KickStarter (now over, but lots of great info in the comments and updates sections): link

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