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DEAD OF NIGHT: the little book of horrors

Dead of Night: the Little Book of Horrors is a roleplaying game based on b-movie horror, slasher flicks and campfire tales of things that go bump in the night. Dead of Night is a pocket horror roleplaying game in the true sense of the word - it is only a quarter of the size of a normal roleplay book, small enough to fit in your pocket and play just about anywhere!

At the core of Dead of Night are the Survival Points and Tension mechanics, designed to work in tandem to encourage players to embrace horror movie cliches, take control of the story and put their victim's life in danger, whilst giving the GM freedom to rack up the tension and guide the story to it's grisly conclusion.

Dead of Night is designed to be pick-up-and-playable, with streamlined mechanics, ready made monsters, characters and scenarios, as well as plenty of guidelines for making your own on the fly. It can be as detailed or lite as you want, and supports any type of horror game. (Taken from the Dead of Night webpage)


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