Cosmic Encounters

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Players have been playing Cosmic Encounter for more than thirty years. Cosmic Encounter was played as a board game since 1977.

Now available online!

The game is rather simple: Each player has a "home system" with 5 planets in it, and 20 tokens, which start the game evenly distributed across the 5 home planets. The object of the game is to establish bases on 5 foreign planets. A base is any number of tokens on a single planet. Any number of opposing players may have a base on the same planet.

In addition, each player has an alien power which lets her/him break a rule in a particular way to her/his benefit. There are cards in players' hands (called flares and edicts) that grant temporary or instantaneous powers, such as freeing tokens from the warp, re-establishing home bases, etc. There are cards that act to multiply an attack card played. And many more game extensions that give CE it's character and it's unpredictability. This unpredictability is what makes the game so exciting!

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