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Card games primarily involve the use of numerous playing cards to convey information for the play concerning such. Cards are usually paper or plastic, of a size and shape that is easy to handle, stack, shuffle and fan. While the cards are the main components of the games, some use other apparatus to track scores, bets, or ongoing game effects.

A standard playing card deck includes 52 cards in four suits and 13 values, and often one or two jokers. All cards in a deck look the same on one side, with individual game information on the reverse. Standard playing card games may use all or a portion of a deck, or even combinations of multiple decks.

Some games use custom cards with information specific to the game at hand. Usually, a custom deck has a standard configuration for a given title; in collectible card games, often the deck varies from player to player or from one instance of play to the next.


Collectible Card Games

See CCGs for more information and examples.

Custom Deck Games

Standard Playing Card Games

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