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Capes is a superhero roleplaying game with heart. As you play you will show the amazing things that your hero can do and, just as important, their inspiring reasons for doing them.

The game poses the question "Power is fun, but do you deserve it?" The rules will lead you constantly from the joy of super-powers to the determination to show your worth. You'll find what success means to your character, and also what failure means.

Superhero stories are made of both thrilling victory and devastating failure. Capes rewards you for telling both sides of such stories: Defeat of the character isn't a defeat for the player. It is a different kind of victory, and sometimes the most valuable kind. It gives you more ability to control the story as it moves forward.

Because players are engineering their own defeats, and creating challenges for each other, Capes needs no Game Master. The job that the GM usually does is done, instead, by the players as they use the system. When you play Capes you will be playing everything, from your hero to the villains, to the love interest trapped under a falling building. You'll be involved in every scene, no matter how far out of the action your favorite character has drifted. And the story that emerges will not be the brainchild of any one player, but rather a fusion of the ideas of everyone at the table.

(Quoted from the Capes RPG website.)


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