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Classic horror RPG inspired by the writings of HP Lovecraft and others who contributed works to his Cthulhu Mythos Cycle. CoC was original designed for encounters with Mythos entities in the period in which Lovecraft was writing (the 1920s), but has been supplemented with worldbooks for the 'Gaslight Period' (1890s) and for an imaginative fusion of the Mythos with UFO conspiracy horror in a contemporary setting (see Delta Green).

Originally published by Chaosium using the Basic Role Playing mechanics, Call of Cthulhu has since been converted to other roleplaying systems, including GURPS, d20, GUMSHOE, True20, and Savage Worlds. There is even an extremely rules-lite RPG called Cthulhu Dark which can be downloaded for free.

Although there is no official conversion of CoC to the current Fourth Edition of GURPS, it is easy to convert materials written for Chaosium's BRP system. This fan-created guide explains how. There was also an official conversion written for the now out-of-print 3rd Edition GURPS rules, called GURPS CthulhuPunk. It was set in a dark cyberpunk future.

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