Burning Empires

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An epic science fiction roleplaying game based on Christopher Moeller's critically aclaimed Iron Empires graphic novels, designed by award-winning game designer and author of the Burning Wheel roleplaying game, Luke Crane.

Burning Empires uses the Burning Wheel system at its core and expands it to encompass the sweep of stories that decides the fate of worlds! In this game you will find mechanics for ingenious technology, subtle infiltration, fiery revolution, strategic warfare, searing debate and blazing firefights.

The player characters are the protagonists in a story that will decide their own fate, the fate of their loved ones and friends, and the fate of their very world. It is a trial of conviction and belief.

To save all that you hold dear in Burning Empires, you must pass through the fire. And you will be changed.
(Crane, Luke, Burning Empires, 2006, BWHQ, back cover.)


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