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This is the Tag where apparently badly formed Tags are re-directed to. A Bad Tag is usually insufficiently descriptive, a sentence that should be part of your profile, or accidentally merges terms that should be several different Tags into one. Examples of Bad Tags include, but are not limited to:

  • anything else
  • DnD thats it for now but im open to options
  • Dungeons & Dragons RPG d20 System White Wolf

The most common solution to making Bad Tags into Good Tags is to put commas between separate terms. "Dungeons & Dragons RPG d20 System White Wolf," for example, would become "Dungeons & Dragons, RPG, d20 System, White Wolf."

If your Tag was mistakenly placed here, please feel free to remove its redirection.

While you are at it, why not also add a few descriptive sentences to your Tag's page, so that others will better understand it.

This tag isn't used to describe any others.

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