Denver/Aurora Gamers

Weekly gaming, all types welcome.
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This gaming group seeks players

Are you looking for a group to play games with? Table top rpgs? Board Games? Multiplayer Console games? Steam? Lets make it happen, I want to create a great gaming community where we can all have fun.

Games currently able to be played. Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and Pathfinder World of Darkness, Vampire and Changeling Rifts: Heroes Cards Against Humanity Pirate Fluxx Last Night on Earth: Base and Timber Peaks Apples to Apples (If you aren't one for the adult nature of Cards Against Humanity) Pandemic Once Upon a Time: with seafaring expansion Gloom

We will be adding more games over time, if you have one you want to bring awesome!

Are you a budding game designer, do you need a system play tested? We will help you. Are you struggling with your game design? Need some direction? We can help.

We are working on a Hero type system as we speak, and would love some help play testing it.

Currently planning on playing Tuesday nights, Wednesday during the day or Thursday night.

You should join if you have a passion for gaming, you like a variety of games, and can get along in a group of 5-8 people.


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