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This gaming group seeks players

We're a group of four friends who've been playing RPGs for several months now. One of our players recently left, and we're looking for someone to fill the gap.

We have three GMs - one of them is running 13th Age, one is running Pokemon Tabletop United and the other is running Traveller. The 13th Age game is a traditionally-themed medieval fantasy game, because we've actually never done that before. Traveller is classic Traveller theme - bunch of dudes makin' cash in the far future. PTU is kind of a post-war grimdark dealio, where the party is a bunch of kids seeking justice for their destroyed hometown.

Due to our tight schedules, we usually only meet on Saturdays at 5:30PM.

A bit about the group: Since our fourth player left, we're all male. 19-20 years of age, I think. We joke around a fair bit, but someone usually ends up saying, "Alright guys, let's focus."

Host has no pets, no small children, but it's his parents' rumpus room (adjacent to the house) and they go to bed around 11, so we have to be mindful of that. We value roleplaying.



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