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Adventure, Laughs, Flying Pigs
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Teluria awaits you! Learn of the fearsome plans of the Scaled Ones to escape the Marshes of Madness! Assist Aladar the Oblique in his quest for love and a flying pig! (though not necessarily in that order) Resolve the long running arguments about which hand P'nath hands down his judgements with!

Looking for players for a virtual online Pen and Paper game using the Basic Fantasy Role Playing rules with some variations.

Tools for online play are Screen Monkey (a web based gaming table) and Mumble voice server. Players need to have a headset as dialog and gameplay will be run via audio. Screenmonkey will be used for dice rolls, displaying pictures, and resolving combat and dungeon exploration.

Rules light approach with focus on storytelling and character driven adventures in a light fantasy setting. Think Disc World, Spellsinger, Dragon and the George, A Wizard in Rhyme as influences as opposed to LOTR and Conan. . Register at and post an introductory message. Pay attention to the registration instructions (they're there to keep out spammers)



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