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This gaming group seeks players

Ok it seems that distance is the biggest game killer out there. So if you are in the Gainesville-Dahlonega GA area and are looking for a game then I want to hear from you.

Me: I am old school DM that has played most versions off and on with various styles.

Game: This go around I am trying to pick between Pathfinder and playtesting DND-next. Maybe we can discuss pros and cons and decide.

Style: I am not rules HEAVY but maybe rules medium. I don't want to spend all night arguing about spell area of effect. If 100% role-play with no dice involved = 0 and 100% combat(and counting squares) = 10 then I guess I come in around 7.

Themes: I generally like games around the PG-13 rating without dark topics focusing on child abuse, drug like addictions, sexual themes etc. Of course I bet I can find a bit of those things in most of the old school adventures technically speaking but they didn't seem to revolve around them.

Goal? I would like to game regularly where we can get around the table and have an adventure. I want to set things up, and take part so that we all get opportunities to: do some cool stuff, say some good lines, save the day(or thwart some heroes), take part in an overall storyline, makes some great friends and great arch enemies, laugh a lot.

Cool past gaming moment? At the end battle, one of my friends was playing his first game ever as a ranger when he rolled a natural 20 to shoot a pirate captain that was holding a hostage as a shield...just awesome!

Un-Cool past gaming moment? My 12th level wizard rolled a 4 for a saving throw versus poison in "Against the Giants" adventures in 1982 and I died...which sucked.

So what are you waiting for? It's going to be hot soon. Outside activities are highly overrated!



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