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Tired of run of the mill, Monopoly-like board games? Think it's cool to build a great farm with awesome animals, grab priceless treasures from a sinking island, or save the world from devastating diseases? Well, so do we! We are a fun, social pocket group around the SDSU area with a passion for outstanding strategic games. 18 & up only. All areas of San Diego are welcome of course. Newcomers ALWAYS welcome!

  • Most popular social strategy/euro-games: Our weekly game nights feature Premiere Games and many All-time Favorites such as:


  • Check our BoardGames Inventory! See a game you like to play? Request it in the comments! Hopefully, like us, you're the Sharing-is-Caring type so please feel free to BYOGames!
  • No experience necessary! Glad to teach the rules as we play. All you need is interest and a just a little time on your hands, as the games can vary from simple to mild complexity.

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