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This gaming group seeks players

SOULS stands for Southern Omaha Unaffiliated LARP Society. We are a Mind’s Eye Theater gaming troupe, based in Papillion, NE, currently with only a single Laws of the Night venue, or Vampire: the Masquerade, for those new to MET. As the game grows in size and player interests change, we may involve additional games—the future of this troupe is ultimately decided by our players! Our staff strive to make the game as sandbox-like as possible, offering plot hooks for major events happening in the World of Darkness around the players, but ultimately allowing their actions to evolve that world, and choose where the troupe’s future lies. Collaborative storytelling, ho!

The game is unaffiliated with other MET groups, such as The Mind’s Eye Society or One World By Night. This is by no means to say that we don’t relish the opportunity to play with them—merely that the Storyteller and Narrator staff for this troupe have chosen not to be locked into the global plot lines, freeing them up to tell their own tales of horror and drama without the controls or limits imposed by players outside of our area. We’ve done this to put the power of choice and the sheer scope of the game into the hands of our players, allowing their personal sagas to be as grand as their imaginations—and ambitions. Be wary, though: There are things that go bump in the night, and to reach too far beyond one’s own holdings may draw their attention!

We have an assortment of game locations, all located in and around Papillion, giving us a wide range of scene options, as well as the flexibility to play in all weather in all seasons—and we’re always looking to find great new places to pursue our hobby and craft. We meet on the first and third Saturday of each month, and our group calendar will be updated frequently to keep everyone up to date with each week’s game location.

We don’t just play our games in the community, we are a part of the community, and as such utilize various opportunities to give back to the place we call home through community service, food drives, and charitable contributions. We’re not just about having fun—we’re about spreading goodwill and keeping our world a little further from falling into darkness.



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