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Simple gaming group that we don't want to get huge like over a hundred players but want people. We love gaming and having fun. Our goal is to make a small community of good friends to play with in almost anything so no one is left alone to go solo. We play a variety of games from pc and some xbox, but mostly pc.

We do have rules and here they are:

1. Don't be super immature, sexual innuendos are ok but don't stretch it.

2. Don't be an asshole, no one likes an asshole.

3. Must be 15 or older, there are specific exceptions though. I don't mean bringing a friend but if someone excels our criteria, like a well mature 13 year old, that's ok but ask me first if you want friends in.

4. Don't be a power hungry bitch. This is mostly for the steam group and games that require a leader. No one is in charge unless required to.

That's it. Our steam group as mentioned is FPX. It's ran by me BrainyAxe, I have two profiles and it is invite only so add the profile happy potato (don't question) as a friend and I'll check for you. Also I have an email. It's Message me and I'll get back to you. I live in Texas but all is welcomed. Even Europeans. I have gigabyte connection so I can connect to EU servers with a reasonably low ping.



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