Central Jersey Roleplayers!

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This gaming group seeks players


We ARE no less than the Central Jersey Roleplayers!

Our group was founded at the College of New Jersey, where most of us studied, and has since expanded to New Brunswick, where two of our members now live (I assure you, they are not Bros).

The essence of our group is Star Wars RPG--a way to express our love for the franchise, while escaping the tyrannical grip of George Lucas. Our campaigns have seen whole cantinas slaughtered, smugglers betrayed, Imperials dupped, and scantily clad female Twi'lek Jedi.

Games are held on a weekly basis, as schedules allow, and continue to be a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence. Newbies, veterans, and girls alike are invited to join us. We've played with them all, and we know how much they each contribute to the spirit of the game.

If interested, send us a message! We currently have two players and a GM. Our intention is to start a summer campaign, and when that fails, watch RiffTrax or The Room.


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    1. NEW JERSEY, want to play Star Wars RPG?
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