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This gaming group seeks players

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Fleeing from the MMO tyranny, the last Pen & Paper Player, Grognard, leads a ragtag, fugitive group, on a lonely quest—for a shining system known as tabletop gaming

OK, that was a wee bit dramatic and it dates our older players. We are a group of Table-top Roleplayers currently meeting on Saturday Afternoons from 1:30 -5:30 on campus of West Georgia in the Ingram Library.

We started off demoing DnD next in June and since have moved to an older system (RM 2nd) since the GM is a grognard who thinks nothing ever got better after 2nd edition anything except for Ars Magica. Players range from complete novices to semi veterans with the current GM being the Oldest (and ugliest and tallest ) Dwarf seen of late. New players are welcome just let us know before hand so we can meet you out in front of the library.


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