Games every Sunday starting at 1 pm
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This gaming group seeks players

CERN Games Club: We play board and card games every Sunday from 1 pm to about 10 pm in Restaurant 1 at the Meyrin CERN site. All are welcome, but if you don't have a CERN ID card, please e-mail at least a day ahead of time so we can make arrangements to have someone meet you at the gate and let you through security.

We play games like Alien Frontiers, Battlestar Galactica, Carcasonne, Cosmic Encounter, Dixit, Dune, Power Grid, Race for the Galaxy, Risk Legacy, Shadow Hunters, Star Trek Fleet Captains, Ticket to Ride, and many more. We gladly teach newcomers our games and will be interested in learning new games if you bring them. We mostly speak English and play games in English, but many members are multi-lingual.



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