Looking for a new RPG player in cardiff

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I'm part of a regular RPG group in Llanishen and unfortunately we've recently lost a player due to personal reasons. We're currently finishing up a Deadlands: Reloaded campaign and will be looking for a new player to take part in our next one, we have a two hour session every tuesday and reckon that we'll be finished with our current campaign in a month or so.

The new campaign will be based in the World of Darkness, starting with viking vampires and moving through different time periods incorporating various settings and player characters at different times whilst still maintaining a connection through a common enemy. Obviously the details aren't concrete yet as our GM is still devising, but he has done extensive research on the two settings he has decided on definitely, one is the aforementioned viking vampires and the other is a Changeling game where the group are the owners of an occult shop and must travel to the hedge to acquire items.

If any of this has tickled your interest, I can provide the contact details of our GM, we're a very friendly group, me and one other having only been involved since January/February and you'd be made very welcome.





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