Sunday Pathfinder near St. Johns, MI

Looking for 1-2 new players in MI
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My group is looking for 1-2 new players to join our Pathfinder game. Our game has a lot of homebrew, and incorporates some mechanics from 2e. We don't mind teaching new players.

We're a very LGBT+ friendly group, both in and out of game. We're all around 25, and would prefer new people who are around the same age as us. My wife is our GM, and we host the games at our house which is north of Lansing, MI. We have a cat and a dog, so if you don't like animals, we're not the group for you.

Our games are usually every other Sunday, and we play all day from about noon to midnight. It's a serious game, but we also like to goof off and have fun in character. We're fans of Critical Role, and I'd say our gaming style is very similar to that.

-- Still Looking (Dec 6th, 2018) --



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