The Hip Gamer: Monthly Boston-Area D&D/Pathfinder Group

Friendly, sane D&D/Pathfinder group
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This gaming group seeks players

Small group of mature, good-humored adults (late-20s), mostly new players, currently playing an on-going Pathfinder campaign set in an entirely custom world. Not actively seeking new members at the moment, but always happy to be contacted by folks who might be interested in joining the group should that change.

Our primary goal is to create an atmosphere that could be described as "well-adjusted, happy folks who get together once in a while and do something geeky". To that end, we're comprised of folks who are over 21, interested in both the story-telling and tactical/dice-rolling aspects of play, and have a good-natured/social mindset (e.g., "that sounds fun!" rather than "Bwa'ha'ha! I will memorize the rulebook and crush everyone who crosses me!").

Games take place once a month (or thereabouts) on Friday nights in Arlington, MA, with each session taking somewhere around 3-4 hours.


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