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A new game looking for players.
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Dreamscape is a game that has been in development for quite some time now. It is a table top role-playing game set in a high magic fantasy world inspired by many real world events and myths. Typically, adventures take place in the realm of Aether on the planet Terra.

Terra, though home to humanity, or perhaps because of it, is also a place of awful brutality and sinister cruelty. It is a world so very familiar in the eyes of those who truly understand the dark places humanity has been in the past and of the sheer horrors we have risen above only so recently. Men scramble for power and do not care whom they step on to rise above their station. powerful creatures with unending appetites prowl about the wilds, devouring all who venture too close or are too weak to hold them at bay. Demons and other creatures of darkness sway men to depravity so great it disgusts even the most vile of tyrants all while hidden powers play thousand year long games of chess where the pieces represent real human lives and suffering. To make things worse the gods care little for the suffering and barbarity of their worshipers; If they even exist at all.

The world isn't all bad. Most people are just trying to survive. To carve out a little stake for themselves and just live in simple comfort. If it weren't for the tyrants of the world , they likely would succeed in living comfortably. Protecting and inspiring these people in the face of overwhelming opposition are heroes both big and small. They are like glimmering diamonds sitting among the refuse of humanity. The legends these mighty and benevolent few bring to the people give hope when there is none.

Whether you carve out your place in the world with heroism or villainy, you'll face steep opposition from the existing powers that be.. human and monster alike.


Dreamscape is d6 based (players will ever only have to roll a d6, though the GM occasionally uses percentile and scatter dice). It's a freeform game in which experience is treated as a character currency allowing you to buy new stats, skills, abilities, talents, and spells. While class based, the freeform nature of how the classes function mean that no two characters of the same class are ever completely alike. The health, damage, and magic systems are unique to the system itself and make the lore of the game world some together. A character built in Dreamscape actually feels like it's part of the game world.

Keep in mind, the system is in alpha and many mechanics are in flux as things change and new things developed. While the base rules won't be changing much, certain aspects will as testing continues and things are changed to make the game as fun and interested as possible. If you find yourself interested or you'd just like to find out more about Dreamscape, myself, or my GMing style; please feel free to check out my profile or send me a message directly.



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