Conejo Valley 4e Supremacists

For TO/Westlake area people who like fun D&D
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This gaming group seeks players

I'm looking for players for a bi-weekly 4th edition game in Westlake Village. You provide a hero and a sense of humor and I will provide food and adventure!

My name is Alex. I'm bored off my ass these days and looking for a good time with fellow nerds. I'm primarily available on weekdays due to work, which I know is tough for people, so I'd prefer one or two long sessions per month rather than a shorter game every week. Though I would really like to play, I have experience running a few games and I'm sure many people don't, so I am willing to help newbies and veterans alike get in the game (tm).

My email is, and my cell number is available on request. Put "NearbyGamer" in the subject line to make absolutely sure I get your message.



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