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A new campaign in a homebrew scifi RPG
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Afterverse is a homebrew hard scifi setting geared towards space opera-type stories. Earth received a rude introduction to the interstellar cosmos when it is occupied by aliens in 2050; over the course of the next century it recovers, and grows to become a major power.

This campaign will be set sometime around the turn of the 22nd century, leading up to a pivotal conflict. (For reference, "hard scifi" in this case means somewhere in between The Expanse and Star Trek.)

The Game: Afterverse uses a d6-based system with a number of features unique among RPG's. First and foremost is the Motivation XP system in which good, character-motivated roleplaying is rewarded directly with XP, attempting to bridge the divide between role-players and powergamers. The combat system keeps combat moving by allowing off-turn interrupts, encouraging players to remain alert and active during all of combat; it also scales seamlessly from two-person hand-to-hand combat up to capital ships battling with entire crews. (Game mechanics are expected to evolve as we playtest them.) For more information about the world and game system, please peruse the sourcebook here:

The Campaign: This campaign is expected to meet every Sunday afternoon in Brooklyn - if we cancel a session it will be with at least a week's notice, and I expect the campaign to run for at least 6 months (possibly indefinitely).

(If you are interested but cannot meet on Sundays, message me - if there's enough interest a second campaign on a different day might be started.)

Food/Drinks: Some snacks and drinks will be provided, and if people chip in I can have lunch available as well.



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