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This gaming group seeks players

Hey there! My name is Cary Reese, or Bearkin. I'm a DM, and I've been DMing for around six years, on and off. I was the head (and sole creator) of the DnD club at my old college. I'm younger than most, but still mature. I love DnD. 3.5, particularly, because it has such a large emphasis on roleplaying, which is my favorite thing about Tabletop Gaming in general. In my opinion, if you're smart, I'll let you do pretty much anything. I'll keep you focused, but I'll never force you into any option. My focus in the game is on freedom, to explore your own path and grow your own characters. So, having just moved into a new area with a new apartment, I'm looking to start a new group. I welcome players of all ages, and all experience levels, provided they're mature! I don't mind if you've never played before, or if you're a veteran, or even if you're a DM who wants to show me another system! So, let's see if we can get this started, shall we?


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