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I want to play/run a bunch of different games. I am tired of the same old AD&D 3.5 and Pathfinder games. So this is my idea: Start a group and play a bunch of different games, try new ones, play old favorites, and basically scratch the sci-fi, fantasy, horror, western, anime, weirdness itch we have. The group would meet, decide which game to play and play. If the group is tired of the game we move onto a new game/new system. As I said, I am willing to GM the game. I am open to all experience levels. Games I have are: AD&D 3.5 Pathfinder, Traveller, GURPS, Rifts, Changeling the Lost Cthulu-Tech Fudge, Star Wars (d20), True20 New World of Darkness, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Heroes Unlimted and others....

I have no problem meeting at my house or the Tabletop shop in Newington or the Portal in Manchester.



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