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What if D&D advanced 3000 years?
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This gaming group seeks players

I'm looking for someone that knows their way around D&D 3.5e to be a 5th player in a game that takes place every two weeks on Tuesday evenings from 7PM~midnight (usually runs until around 1AM).

The basic gist of the campaign is “What if D&D advanced 3000 years?” Space Travel, Nanotechnology, Cyberspace, Hacking, Corporate Espionage, and Alien Cultures are the bread and butter of this game.

  • You must be at-least very comfortable with D&D 3.5e, although I prefer a veteran player because it's far easier to get started if you're a veteran.
  • You must be comfortable with use of a very unconventional ruleset, as I use a large number of SRD variants and the campaign itself is set 3000 years in the future (All of the campaign setting document is available online).
  • Everyone is starting at level 1 and most of the group is relatively inexperienced with D&D 3.5, so you must be comfortable with playing at an early level with players that aren't as comfortable with the game as you.
  • You must be able to prioritize Rules as Intended (RAI) over Rules as Written (RAW).
  • You must be in the Austin Texas area, because you must be able to consistently available on game days, consistently arrive on-time (or earlier), and consistently be ready to play (once you know how to play).
  • You must be consistently capable of staying in contact and being reachable by email and/or phone.

You can play almost any race and/or class, although I encourage unconventional choices. For example, even at first level there is a way to play as a dragon, or as a construct that cannot die, or as someone that cannot age. I also encourage "playing against type".

The overall tone of the game is "action movie". This means that the amount of time that passes in-game is very slow, and there will be story goals that must be completed in a very short amount of time as-compared to a typical campaign.

I’m by no means a “Killer GM”, but I’ve put so many character protections and rewards in place that I will not hesitate to knock unconscious, imprison, or kill your character if you do something mindbogglingly stupid (although I’ll always let you know why it’s stupid before it’s irreversible). I try to follow the letter and spirit of the rules, and will gladly admit when I screw up.

Almost any standard book is allowed (including Dragon Magazines), although there is some banned material in specific books.

The current party complement is:

  • A dragonborn nezumi gestalt scout//barbarian (rapid assault specialist)
  • A maenad wilder (emotion-fueled psionicist)
  • A tibbit archivist (wizard-ish cleric)
  • A human battle sorceress with a top-hat-sporting rabbit familiar

Traditional party "roles" don't matter anywhere near as much in this setting, although they can still be useful of-course. We're currently running through short "demo" modules so that the players can get used to the modifications to the game before we start the campaign proper, so this is the ideal time to join. Players are allowed to modify their characters between demo sessions (with my approval) so they can end up playing the character they really want.



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