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This gaming group seeks players

Looking to get a group of old school gamers together in Seattle, or nearby. Open to anyone who can get to a location in Seattle on their own, even if by bus. Really any game is possible, though I will not run anything by WotC or White Wolf now, but I don't have to be the game referee anyhow. Once a group is established we will see who wants to be the head of the table then come to some agreement in some way, possibly voting. Whoever is the head of the table will choose the game they will run based on what they have. Digitally stored games are allowable as we won't always game in someone's home, there are some nice cafes which are gamer friendly that I have scouted out.

The only rule that anyone who is interested in becoming part of this must follow is: Have fun. This means no one who is interested in being the best will fit in, but if you think you can handle it you are welcome to take a shot.

You can email me at with any questions. If you have one please ask so I can add more information here.


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