A World at Dawn

detailed game looking for more players
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This gaming group seeks players

This game is starting tonight at 6PM and will run every other Saturday generally. There are currently 3 players in this huge gameworld.

This is a detailed game that is full of quests, puzzles, and alot of skill usage with the potential to reach beyond 20th level. Before seeking to join this game please note that this is for serious RPers instead of the typical hack n slash and/or combat party (nuke/tank/DPS/utility).

- Slow leveling - Slow treasure model - Detailed game world including weather, encounters, politics, and culture - Original gameworld, some original content, some original creatures - Characters must be approved by DM before play and class/race/culture is dependant on where the party is when you plan to join - Campaign designed for up to 7 players

Game is played at my home in East Bridgewater. Generally it will be 6PM Saturday of every other week although some side quests may split nights, create additional nights, and/or times as needed.



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