Maidstone Madness

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This gaming group seeks players

Hello All.

Right, where to start. I've just moved to right outside Maidstone and couldn't seem to find a game that fit with my availabilty(I was a chef). So with my recent change of circumstances I'm now offering my house as a base for a RPG group. Any night of the week with plenty of tea and coffee on tap.

I've been gaming for roughly 18 years and have played countless systems and I'm always looking for new games to peak my interest. But I love to run Cyberpunk2020 and L5R.

The idea is to have a rotating set of GM's on a monthly basis with on going campaigns. I found that this is the best way for GM's and players to keep wanting more and to avoid burnout. And to give the GM's time to get props etc ready.

I'm looking for max 5 others as this is the perfect size of group. Newbies, Vets and people coming back to the hobby are all welcome. Rules lawers/Munchkins need not apply as the goal is to kick back and enjoy the game.

My 8 year old lives with me but she goes to bed at 7:30 Sunday to Thursday, 8 Friday and Saturday.She does also play games like Munchkin/Killer Bunnies/Dork Tower etc so you may get dragged into a game.

Hope to hear from people soon. Tom


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