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This gaming group seeks players


Hey all,

I'm currently running the Pathfinder Adventure Path - Rise of the Runelords, but due to work commitments, we're down two players.

We currently have a party of two plus myself as the GM and it'd be great to find another 1-3 players to join in.

Being Bexhill, it's hard to find people to play with in this sleepy town, so if you're interested, please join this and if I think you'd get on with the group, we'll meet up and take it from there.

Meeting up first is safer and means everyone can get a feel for each other before committing to a regular group. Gaming groups have a number of personalities, so the last thing you want is to join a group you feel uncomfortable in.

What we're looking for:

- Friendly people who like to have fun, but are also happy with at times, fairly roleplay heavy sessions.

- Somebody interested in Pathfinder or already experienced with it. Experience isn't necessary, just an interest.

- Somebody who can commit to every game (emergencies and unforeseen events can sometimes make this difficult, but we're aware and accepting of that).

- Bonus points for anyone who would be happy to GM at some point in the future. Though I'm running the current game, it's nice to play too!

A bit about us:

- One of our players has Aspergers and as such can be a little excitable, but he means well. I just wanted to be up front with who we are in case others are uncomfortable with anything like this.

- Our other player is quiet and chilled out.

- As a GM, I prefer the rule of cool over fully enforcing rules, so if you can think of a way to pull something off either within or just outside of the core rules, I can work with you for a fun experience. I mostly stick to the rules, but usually have some minor house rules of my own. These are universal however and I'll always be up front & elaborate on things when needed.

- We're all around the age of 30, so still a fairly young group, but welcoming and friendly.

When do we play?

- We play a fortnightly game that runs every other Saturday from 10/11am-5.30pm. Our next session is on the 21st April 2018.

If any of this sounds appealing to you and you're local enough to participate (Eastbourne/Brighton gamers all welcome if you're happy to travel to us), please join this group and feel free to message me here for further details.

If we find the preferred number of players through this medium, don't let it deter you from still joining this group. There may come a time where we lose more players and have space for new faces again and outside of that, I'd like you all to use this space as a general meeting space for the Bexhill area, so we all know who's playing what and what spaces may be open for other fans of Tabletop RPG's in and around Bexhill to join in on the fun!



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