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This gaming group seeks players


Join us for HeroClix at RTG!

Constructed is a $5 buy Prizes are divided among the top 3 participants.

Based on the popular Mage Knights system, but utilizing super hero characters from the Marvel and DC Comics Universe.

The game plays much like a miniatures game, but without the measure-and-move system or the constant consultation of hit charts. Rather, most of the vital statistical information is directly on the base of the characters, which can be rotated as characters take damage from hits.

Since we're talking super heroes here, each character has special abilities and powers, which give the game its 'comic' book feel. These powers are listed on separate cards which come with the miniatures, in boosters and gravity feed.

You will earn 10 store points every time you play This link will let you know how those points can be used (and others earned).

To learn more about HeroClix visit our website

Use our Eventbrite ticket registration system and earn an additional 10 or 25 store points (depending on how soon you sign up)



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