Austin RPG exploration group

A group about exploring and experimenting.
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Original pitch: Do you want to explore RPGs more than join any particular long-going campaign?

I want to create a group where we meet once a week to play various games. We would rotate GMs (on a voluntary basis) as well as games. The idea would be to explore many different games, playing one or two stories in each of them and moving on to a new game (or not) by consensus from everyone.

Players should be willing to show up every week within reason (flakey people are my personal pet peeve) and willing to try to have fun even if the game we're playing isn't exactly your flavor. You must be respectful. Anyone of any sex, race, nationality, sexuality, gender identity, and age is welcome.

Experimentation with game styles, play styles, GM styles, and writing your own stories would be encouraged. ------------------------------------------------ We're currently playing on Saturday nights and have a comfortably sized group of 5 (including GM). If you're interested through, email me and we can talk.


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