Dungeons and Dragons for Begginers (like Myself)

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This gaming group seeks players

Greetings, all lifeforms. My name is Kate - and I'd really like it if we could get together and play some Dungeons and Dragons, 4rth addition. I want to make new friends and partake in the playing of this awesome game with awesome people who happen to live nearby. I am fairly new to the DnD scene - but I am in love with the game. I have played a few sessions (for which I was DM) before it kind of puttered out and stopped happening. I was DM with some actual success - but am still new to the game and make mistakes easily, so my "leadership" status is totally up for grabs to a more experienced player. I would love to have people of all sorts come and play Dungeons and Dragons - but keep in mind that I'm new - and there will probably be other new people as well. I am available for providing spare materials (though my inventory is a bit low at the moment) and providing snacks - and even providing a venue with which to play. Please contact me via e-mail: Or - my phone #: 425-457-9349 Or become a member of this group. Hope to see you soon!



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