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This gaming group seeks players

I would like to start a game. I’m free on the weekends when not at work and was looking to start a face to face Amber Diceless RPG Saturdays afternoons to evenings. I’m building a fresh game with all new characters but the concept should be something players are familiar with and love to play. 150-point base with advancement between 75-100 points per game year. I want to have at least six players to start with that may be the max it depends on the dynamics involved. New players are welcome.

I'm Nukilwa, Nick to my friends, recently new to the area again. I'm assembling a team of highly creative individuals with the skills to have fun in a game of Amber Diceless. Looking to meet Saturdays at my house in Laveen playing a new campaign to be 4 to 5 years long. I'm looking for at least 6 people 21+ with the willingness to try an RPG without dice. Creative out of the box thinkers wanted, artistic talent is a plus but not a requirement, first time gamers are welcome.



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