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We're a long-standing gaming group formed in 2008, and we've run through maybe ten players in that time: basically, losing a player a year but keeping most of the player base intact. Based on that I feel confident saying that we're stable, like each other, and play in and run decent games.

At any given time we're probably looking for one more player who is an experienced GM (we like to rotate GMing duties).

Our current roster are all males in our mid/late 30s:
Steve, player/GM, IT professional with a long history of gaming and a reasonably popular gaming podcast
Peter, player/GM, construction professional with a long history of gaming and game-writing
Tom, player, Major in the Army and very story-driven
Dave, player, gentle gent with a good attitude
Tajo, player, German transplant who cannot get over his fascination with dwarves

That said, that's just how things have shaken out. We don't care how old or young you are, nor do we care about your gender or anything else other than you like to game, you can make a biweekly game, you're some flavor of awesome, and a few other things listed below.

In the past five years, we have:

1. Finished the two-year+ DnDv3.5 game with a TPK at level 15, brought on by players getting too big for their britches and devolving into a tremendous poo-storm of intra-party conflict eagerly exploited by their many enemies. The universe didn't end, but the characters sure as hell did. Everyone was sad to see it end, but that's how it goes sometimes: we got some great stories out of it. :)

2. Played a series of games, dilettante-style, meandering through one-offs of BASH, a faltering ADnD2e game run by one of our novice GMs that had some troubles and was mercifully killed for in- and out-of-game reasons, a run of Apocalypse World, and roughly six months of Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl Classics, a dose of Hero 6e... that's where we are now with a two-years-running campaign.

We're always willing to entertain gaining an additional player under the following conditions:

1. We're playing every other week in Weymouth, MA, from 7-11pm.

2. We adore weirdos of the functional kind only.

3. Please bring a good sense of humor. I suppose this goes along with #2, but we're all aware that we're adults playing games and occasionally pushing miniatures around a map and pretending to be blasted with magical fire and marking damage on our sheets in pencil. It's difficult for us to take things too seriously. Our characters aren't played for gags (often), but there's no high drama in our RP either. We get our kicks from plot twists and timely quips a lot more than from the GM's efforts to work in personal character melodrama into a five-player/one-GM table. I'd like to say that we're skilled enough at RP to be able to handle having three or four heavy personal hooks per character, but we're not. Two is pretty much the upper bound on that.

4. We're trying to pass the talking stick around, so that means we like games that allow the GM to not get locked into running for too long. Now, this is mostly for mean_liar's sake as he's a good GM but prefers to play: if you're down to GM and you love it, then by all means we'll welcome you and your dedication with open arms and not even ASK for the GM role until you're ready... and when you're ready, we'll be able. At least, mean_liar will be.



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