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This gaming group seeks players

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The focus of this group is the Chronicles of Darkness (a.k.a. the new World of Darkenss) but I run other (non-D&D related) games.

We are currently looking for more players.

Elevator Pitch: In a city without friendly Orders, mages must find their own secretive paths under the ever searching eye of the Panopticon. Not all routes lead to Wisdom.

Once you were asleep. A simple drone scurrying under the gaze of a million electronic eyes. A mortal blindly walking amid a sea of mysteries.

You Awakened. You glimpsed the truth. You signed your name on a Watchtower and seized the power of the Supernal.

You can do magic and bend the laws of this reality. You see the horrors in the shadows and the cracks in world. The dark places promise enlightenment and danger.

However you are alone and untutored in the limits of your powers.

You need allies. Do you trust the child with the aura of carrion birds? Do you trade for the secrets to yantras with the old woman who smells strangely of pork? A potential mentor promises you the power over the darkest of nightmares. Do you take him up on his offer?

Meanwhile the electronic eyes watch and report to unseen masters.

In plain terms, you are recently Awakened mages in a modern major city that lays under the watchful eye of the Panopticon, an organization dedicated to surveilling the population and suppressing rogue Awakened. No “friendly” organization of mages exist in the city currently, forcing you work out the secrets of magic on your own or by go to dubious mentors who might be corrupt, manipulative, and possibly insane.

Theme: Trapped in the Labyrinth. Without guidance, mages have difficulty figuring out what routes will lead them closer to the truth. Or truths. Crafting one’s soul can grant great power but also irrevocably twist it. Is it better to release the paradox caused by magic, possibly twisting spells awry, or to contain it within oneself and risk Abyssal infection? Is the mage offering to recruit you into an organization trapping you in a pyramid scheme?

Mood: Paranoia. The enemy holds the high ground. They see everything. They could be anyone. That “helpful” wizard down the block. The police officer who smiles every time they see you. Your sister who sends arcane text to her new “boyfriend”. Who can you trust? Even if someone is not with “Them”, who knows what other agenda they have.

Prior games:

Heartland Orphans (Vampire: the Requiem 2ed): neophytes face shadowy antagonists in corn country.

Urban Shadows (a Powered by the Apocalypse game): supernatural denizen try to pursue their own goals in an urban fantasy Sacramento.



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