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Come join the fun with Dungeons and Dragons Encounters at Fundemonium! New and return players are all welcome to join. No commitments. Pre-made characters available. Start time and end times are set at 6pm and 815pm respectively, some sessions may end a little late due to in-play circumstance. The Dungeon Master usually arrives around 545pm.

Experience the first parts of Rage of Demons Storyline, make friends, learn to Dungeon Master, build a group, and continue on the storyline with a copy of Out of the Abyss.

Organized Play has a standard set of rules to ensure faireness for all players. This also allows for player's to take their characters to other game stores or conventions that are also running Adventurers League games.

The Dungeon Master is a volunteer and is not compensated in any way by the store or Wizards of the Coast. Being a Dungeon Master is a labor or love, please show the utmost respect to your Dungeon Master (They may also be in training). That being said if a player or Dungeon Master is behaving offensively please report the host (store owner or event organizer) prior to or after the event so the issue can be addressed appropriately.

Seats are limited. Each table has a maximum of 7 players. Sign-ups available on search Fundemonium.

Dungeon Masters WANTED! If you are interested or curious about being a Dungeon Master let us know or stop by and watch a session. Our Dungeon Master will also mentor your first sessions until your comfortable running your own table. Dungeon Masters are in short supply no matter where you are. Learning the basics is not difficult.

Fundemonium is fun and family friendly game venue. Please adhere to all store policies.

Outside food is prohibited (exceptions include birthday cakes or similiar sweet pastries for large parties.) Fundemonium has a on-site cafe for snacking needs or for catching up on missed meals.

Please contact for any questions.

Thank you!



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