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Fantasy with FATE
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I'm looking for players to start a game of Legends of Anglerre. This is a fantasy RPG of the FATE family. FATE isn't extremely crunchy and I expect conflicts and fights to be a breeze once we've run through a couple of them.

I'm interested in running a campaign about the discovery of a new continent; think Colombus meets Conan kind of stuff. I imagine a setting composed of pseudo-European countries, a fantasy caricature of medieval Europe if you will, trying to find an alternative route to the Orient. I will take suggestions and bounce ideas with the players to shape up the details of the setting. That's part of the FATE philosophy of gaming.

I'd like to meet potential players at least once just to check our compatibility in gaming terms. I already found one gamer who's interested in this campaign and I'm looking for 2 or 3 more. Drop a comment if you're interested!



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