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This gaming group seeks players

My overall gaming experience has been lacking, of late, and I wanted to see if there were a couple of folks out there in the aether that were having a similar experience, and were looking to make a change. Here's what I'm looking for (in no particular order):

  • I prefer GURPS, but I will play most other systems. I only run GURPS
  • I like crunch--if someone wanted to run Rolemaster or Phoenix Command, I would not recoil in horror
  • I think the rules are there to provide order; when the GM ignores or can't be bothered to look them up (within reason), the game loses something
  • I'm finding I'm not a fan of seat-of-your-pants GMing--I'd like to see improv as more of an exception than a rule
  • I believe in keeping the game going (or, at least, taking care of bookkeeping) using message boards or whatnot throughout the week--when it's not "pulling teeth" to get anyone else to do the same
  • I don't skip the game every time my dog sneezes--getting tired of folks that do
  • I'm tired of the arm-twisting required to get background material and such from the players
  • I'm tired of players that show up to fill the seat/slot, and then tune out
  • I'm getting a little tired of boot-strapping noobs into the game
It's a tall order, I know, to ask the same OCD-level dedication to The Game as I tend to give, but don't ask, you don't get.

If you're reading this, you're obviously already thinking about finding something new. If you are finding yourself in agreement with the above points, or nearly so, maybe we should work something out. I'm looking for a regular, weekly game, with at least three, at most four others, especially, meeting some or all of the following criteria:
  • Speaks English natively, or well enough to be understood by those that do
  • Lives in U.S. time-zone(s) (I'm CST)
  • Is available mid-to-late Saturdays (Sunday's possible, but less ideal)
  • Is willing to use Fantasy Grounds
  • Is willing to use GURPS (though not necessarily "exclusively")
  • Extra: Is willing to GM
  • Extra: Former (but not active) military
  • Extra: Politically conservative--I hate having to hold back, so as not to offend
It's probably safer to contact me via email, but I'll be checking back here anyway, otherwise.



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