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You meet at the tavern... Come play pub D&D!
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Dungeons & Dragons. And Drinks. Simple premise really. A social get together of 6 or so players per table. Situate things in a cozy bar or coffee shop. Order your food and drinks. And now we're ready to play a session of good old D&D.

Dragon League's mission is to introduce newcomers to the world of role playing games like D&D. We also encourage old school players to come play with us. We've got a score of DMs as well as steadily growing numbers of regular players on our rosters. By hosting regular games we hope to provide fun and entertaining social events where players can enjoy casual gaming, meet new people, share a brew, roll some dice, and hopefully be inspired to start up their own home games.

We also run Games Nights where we encourage people to bring along board games. It's a fun way to socialise and discover new games. Board games are seeing a resurgence in popularity with hundreds of new titles coming out every year. Our members are dedicated gamers and we're doing our bit to support our local FLGS whilst building our collections. We're just keen to share these popular new games.

We meet every Tuesday at The Cock'n'Bull Hotel on the corner of Wellington Street and Elizabeth Street. Check out our Facebook page for events and times.

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