New D&D 4e Group!

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Looking for a new D&D4e group? Look no further!

I am brand new to the game, but willing to start a group and even DM. I know it is a very hard task taking on DM right off the bat, but am willing to do so. I would love to play with other people who are also new to the game, but am more than willing to play with experienced people as well.

The first few sessions are going to be aimed at learning the game and getting to know each other. I am 23 and would hope my players are 18+ as well. I work during the week, so the games would be held on Friday or Saturday (most likely Saturday).

All I would ask is that players are patient and willing to work with me while learning the system. I have always loved video games and have played tons of home brew P&P RPGs...but this is my first foray into the D&D world.

I think the first session or two should be held in a local game shop (I am thinking All About Games)..but would not mind hosting at my house after getting to know people.



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