Tulsa - Labyrinth Lord/AD&D or Call of Cthulhu

Tulsa - Labrynth Lord/AD&D or Call of Cthulhu
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This gaming group seeks players

I'm interested in running or playing either Labyrinth Lord/AD&D/Swords and Wizardry or Call of Cthulhu in the Tulsa area. I'm happy to play or judge the games, but I've got a couple of things mostly ready to run. I'm not all that interested in the more recent editions of D&D, but would be willing to give any of them a shot.

Below is a brief description of the sort of games I'm interested in running. Call of Cthulhu: Classic era (1920-1930s), set in the US. Tommy guns and dynamite will just get you killed/eaten all that much faster.

Labyrinth Lord/AD&D/Swords and Wizardry: Homebrew mess with lots of Yog-Sothery, crashed space ships, mutants, and madness. Inspired by the blog Planet Algol, Tales of the Dying Earth, Lovecraft, Howard, China Miéville, Ralph Bakshi, Ralph Steadman, Zardoz, and so on. I'd prefer to use Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition with a few extra bits and pieces. It's free, and nicely emulates a mix of the Rules Cyclopedia and AD&D.




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