Hammer N Ales

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A wargaming club based in Portsmouth

We play mainly Warhammer (Fantasy and 40k) and Magic: The Gathering

We also have some players interested in the following systems, who'd love to have some more opponents come join us.

Flames of War Space Hulk Uncharted Seas Bloodbowl Battlefleet Gothic Risk

and various other boardgames that can be brought down on request.

We meet on Tuesday evenings at about seven till late at the RAOB Club on New Road in Northend. PO2 7RW

Feel free to come join us for some games. Membership is £1.50 a week (though first timers attend for free) There is a bar, which is good news for the grown ups, but it does limit us to an over 18s policy.

This is the link to our forum where we can arrange games in advance.



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