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Theme I am thrilled to be starting a fresh campaign for Out of the Abyss in a few weeks. As demons invade the Underdark, madness is the only escape. The setting is dark and gritty survival fantasy/horror with chances of death and guaranteed insanity. The adventure will be non-linear and character driven, with lots of potential for choice, growth, and creativity.

Details What: Out of the Abyss, D&D 5e adventure, with house rules Where: private residence in Renton, WA (first meeting will be somewhere public) When: an afternoon or evening to be determined, every two weeks, starting in early November

Looking For Players Who... Can commit to an involved, long term campaign Are creative, mature, and experienced (any system) Utilize a balance of “problem solving techniques” - not just hitting things over the head Enjoy roleplay and character development between sessions via email

How to Join Send me a private message introducing yourself however you choose. Make sure to include: Describe your roleplay experience. Have you played 5e? Have you played in a campaign longer than six months? What is your ideal balance of combat, exploration/mystery, and roleplay/interaction? What is your general availability? Why do you want to join this campaign?



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